15 April 2012 + Hummus

Two posts in one day? I’m sure the new-ness will wear off at some point. The reason I decided to do two posts, was to kind of break up what I wanted to say.

Today started with a lovely, early breakfast with my wonderful friend Mel at The Corner Store Cafe. Deliciously, yummy and chorizo-y, I definitely need to minimise these meals!

Sam, has in this past week finally joined my gym (after almost four months of nagging). Both of us wanting to lose weight ensured we went to the gym after breakfast. We have decided to measure and weigh ourselves so that we have actual numbers we can compare ourselves to in the coming weeks. We have made a commitment to go to the gym at least three times a week.

For accountabilities sake:
Waist:76cm,Hips:95cm,Butt:105cm,Leg:65cm,Arm:32cm,Chest:93cm,Tummy:90cm,Weight:70kg. This is the heaviest I’ve been in my entire life. One and a half years of an office job and less exercise will do it.

Sam (yes, he’s consented to putting this here for all to see)
Waist: 102.5cm, Hips: 103cm, Arm: 40cm, Chest: 113cm, Tummy: 109cm, Weight: 97kg.

For lunch, I made Adrienneats‘s Orange sesame stirfry and brown rice noodles.

I really enjoyed it, and now have lunch for the next two days. Sam, however found it a bit bitter for his liking. I think, if I was to make it again I would use less orange rind (I did use rather large oranges) and more soy. I loved the brown rice noodles though. I found them at Mrs Flannerys and they were labelled ‘spaghetti’, however were much more like noodles. I would love to try and cook with them a bit more. It took quite awhile to prepare though, but once I’d grated, chopped and juiced all the ingredients, they look wonderfully colourful and healthy on the cutting mat. This meal easily kept us content for quite a few hours, which is a nice benefit.

This recipe called for a few things I don’t generally eat: turnip, mungbeans and cabbage. I have recently made it a goal to try and eat more vegetables that I haven’t eaten before, or that I didn’t like as a child. I discovered, I like parsnip, turnip I’m not a huge fan of unless grated into food, zucchini was nice in stirfry and beetroot still just tastes a bit like dirt to me.

Afternoon tea was a late afternoon hypo-induced picnic of Easter chocolate. I think I’ve manged to get my insulin rates almost right, however an afternoon frenzy of building new desks for us both meant some unexpected energy exertion and therefore a drop in blood sugar levels.

Sam’s dad and partner came over for dinner and we started with homemade Hummus.

Sam cooked a roast lamb with pumpkin and parsnip mash, peas and gravy and there was some of my Chilli and Ginger chutney on the side. Delicous.

(Click here for my Hummus Recipe.)


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