Planting A Seed

Terminology. Sometimes it hangs us up.

We’d hate to take it for granted that everyone knows what we are talking about all of the time. Nothing is consistently perfectly clear. Time for a little Plant Strong Lingo 101.

We often talk about the importance of getting our nutrition from whole foods.

To us, this concept is perfectly clear, but to some, the image of a trendy supermarket might bubble up. And while we are both known to occasionally shop at Whole Foods Market for our favorite summer squash and pre-rinsed quinoa, that’s not really what we mean by “whole foods.”

Quite simply, a whole food is an edible vegetable, plant or grain that is very close to its natural state. Unprocessed. Unrefined. In other words, not messed with.

A great example is the apple. Picked fresh from the tree, the apple is a whole food. Peeled, mashed, sweetened, boiled…

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