Birthday + Spicy Vegetable, Barley and Rosemary Soup

It’s my birthday! 23 years old. To tell you the truth, I don’t feel any different. I’ve had a fantastic weekend though. Thanks to Sam and my lovely friends and family. Friday night, Sam and I went to A Night in India, one of the best Indian restuarants I know of. Saturday morning, we went to the markets, had a picnic with my friends and went to an engagement party out in the sticks for one of Sam’s friends. Sunday, I did a HUGE clean out of clothes and shoes I no longer wear, had Sushi train, went to the health food shop and went bike shopping with my mum. Pushbike shopping that is; it was my birthday present from my parents. We bought a lovely Giant Cypress bike, I know nothing about bikes, but it looks pretty? And it rides nicely. For dinner, Sunday, we went to Avantis, which is probably the best Italian restuarant I’ve been to (other than obviously when I was in Italy). And that leads to today, not only my birthday, but a PUBLIC HOLIDAY. I don’t even know what labour day is for, but I’m glad it was today. My sister, Sam and I went to Sassafras for breakfast. A cafe I have only recently discovered. It was delicious, as was to be expected. We then went to a movie (5 Year Engagement), Sushi Train lunch again and then I went on a lovely 2 hour bike ride with my friend Casey. I measured it on and it looks like I rode about 17km. Not bad for my first attempt, I definitely need to work on those gears though.

I received some amazing gifts from friends, family and of course Sam. My friends gave me a cookbook, an apron and some flowers. From my parents, I got the bike. From my sister I got a rice cooker, that does brown rice, grains and much more! And from Sam, I was spoilt rotten. I got a desk chair, earrings, a dress, some cute plates (see below!), a sushi maker, the We Bought a Zoo soundtrack, a book on organic gardening, some peppermint tea, and a bamboo steamer. I’m sure there was more, but I can’t remember it right now.

It’s has been amazing to see how my body has reacted to this weekend. Immediately after dinner on Friday night, my stomach was gurgling away loudly, which it hasn’t done in ages. I felt bloated and over full. After the picnic on Saturday, driving down the hill I just felt off, it wasn’t ok. After the engagement party, I just felt bloated, full and just not right. Come Sunday evening, after sushi and a hugh Italian meal, I felt extremely bloated, gurgly stomached and lethargic. Now tonight, my stomach is still gurgling, but after the dinner I made, I don’t feel too bad.

Another interesting thing has been my blood sugar levels, Friday night they were high over night resulting in my getting up a few times throughout the night, same again on Saturday AND Sunday night. This hasn’t happened in awhile now, and I certainly haven’t missed it.

So this week, we are going to concentrate on eating good again. After a huge weekend blow out, we need it. Also, I am re-visiting my naturopath on Saturday, which I think may be the time where I go on the ‘detox’. Also, next Tuesday I am getting Continuous Glucose Monitoring for a weeks trial. Lots of things to look forward to!

Tonight for dinner we had Spicy Vegetable, Barley and Rosemary Soup. Perfect for this colder weather, and just what we needed.

Spicy Vegetable, Barley and Rosemary Soup recipe.


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