Georgie Porgie, Pudding & Pie

This weekend has been another fairly lazy one. It started out with a trip to see Cavalia, which was probably the most beautiful show I’ve ever seen. The way the trainers worked with their horses, and how the horses just connected with the trainers, ahhhh so beautiful! I would highly recommend it. The only other thing of note that I have done, is to plant some of me new seeds. Today, I planted the spring onions, pak choi, bok choi and basil. The silverbeet will go in next weekend. Here’s hoping I get some new shoots soon! I have placed the pots outside my front door so I can’t NOT water them.

I have been craving pies lately. Ever since we bought a Byron Bay Vegan pie from the Fundies last weekend, I’ve wanted another pie. But the problem is, they’re kind of expensive, close to $6 each! So last night I decided to experiment and see how hard it would be to make them myself. Turns out, it’s actually kind of easy and super delicious! I did some research into vegan pastry and found a few recipes for pie crusts so I decided to combine a few and see what happened! I decided to shortcrust pastry all around for simplicity sake, though I know there should be puff-pastry on top. For the filling, I looked up the general wet:dry ration and then made it up. I think that if I was to make pies more often, I would buy some unscented coconut oil, but other than that I am extremely pleased with the result!

The key for the pastry is to use hard coconut oil. Coconut oil is kind of like a healthy-coconutty version of butter. It melts when it’s hot and solidifies when cold. Because it’s quite warm in our house, my coconut oil is almost permanently melted, so I put a cup of coconut oil in the freezer for about 5 minutes.

Click for my Pie recipe.

Fresh out of the oven

Fresh out of the oven


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