New shoots

I’ve had a big week this week and my blood sugar levels have really showed it. They have been high for the past few days. Especially before bed, meaning that I’ve had to get up every couple of hours to ensure they are coming down. This equals an extremely tired me! Also, it makes me feel gross and dazy having high blood sugar levels. It doesn’t help that I’ve been away for the past few days which means I haven’t eaten great and I also haven’t been able to exercise in a couple of days!

But, exciting news and this almost makes up for my big week. Look what I found when I went to leave for my trip on Thursday morning:

Garden 2

Garden 1

I have some new shoots from the seeds I planted on the weekend! I’m pretty sure it’s the pak choi (the pots may or may not have got mixed up when I bought them upstairs). I’m pretty excited! The silverbeet seeds will be planted this weekend.

Just a quick post today to share my exciting news. This weekend I’m hoping to put out a post on pantry staples and also a new fantastic salad recipe – my best yet if I do say so myself.


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