Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – Documentary


Just last night, I finished this documentary. I started it a few days ago before going to sleep one night and finished it last night. I couldn’t stop watching it! I think I could probably watch it all over again because a) I LOVE documentaries and b) it’s really interesting and informative. This is a NEED watch. You need to watch it. Now.

The documentary follows Australian, Joe Cross through America as he embarks on a 60 day ‘fruit and vegetable juice fast’. Joe was overweight and on lots of different medications for various conditions and an autoimmune disease. Doctors couldn’t offer him a long-term solutions other than synthetic medications and so he decided to attempt to heal his body naturally by feeding his body micronutrient rich foods aka. purely juiced fruit and veggies. Along the way, he meets Phil who is morbidly obese and who is basically eating himself to death. The documentary follows these two men and their fight for life and to heal their bodies.

Watch the trailer here:

I know that I got a lot out of the film. It was extremely inspirational, and also extremely motivational. I watched Forks Over Knives awhile ago, and had a similar reaction. I love this new way of eating, and I feel amazing, but it’s great to watch (or read) something that really cements it into me.  To me eating a plant rich diet is just so beneficial.

I’ve thought a lot about doing a juice fast. When I first really had any contact with someone doing a juice fast, I thought they were crazy. And then after that I thought, I’m diabetic, I can’t do that. I can’t not eat for X amount of days? What would happen if my blood sugar dropped? How do I manage my insulin? How do I deal with the detox effects as a diabetic? But the more I thought about it, the more I worked through these ‘problems’ in my head. So by the time I found out a second person I knew was doing a juice cleanse, I was thinking, why not me? There is nothing to say I couldn’t do it right?

I think though, if I was to do a juice fast, I’d need to be on ‘holidays’ ie. not working. It’s something I feel I would need to dedicate time to. It’s not really feasible right now to do it, but I have been thinking about doing a mini-cleanse. Kind of like a clean eating plan for 10 days or so. I know it sounds like I eat quite healthy, but with it being Easter and well, just my general lack of willpower, I haven’t been eating the best lately. Sam and I’ve eaten out a bit, so I’ve been eating vegetarian rather than plant-based far more than I’d like to admit, and I’ve been eating quite a bit of sugar at work. I’m thinking, a 10 day clean eating plan. No sugar, no animal products, no grains. Smoothies, juices, salads and soups only.

Hmmm…might have to talk to Sam about this one first.

One day, I’m going to go here: Natural Instinct Healing. A few of my friends have visited, and it’s also co-run by a man I have worked with. I will get there one day!


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