Eating well and Pumpkin Soup!


Today has been a good day. I’ve eaten well, I’ve exercised and I’ve had a good day at work. This morning I was up at 5.00am so I could shower, make my smoothies and be out the door by 5.45am for a 6.00am start at work. This mornings smoothies were a glass full of goodness! Spinach, beetroot, spirulina, grapes, pineapple, blueberries, banana, hemp seeds, maca powder, almond milk and water. Yum!

The fact that two people in the past two days have asked me about green smoothies really makes me feel good.

Lunch was Pumpkin and Sage soup that I made last night, and it was delicious! I have an abundance of pumpkin at the moment (I also LOVE pumpkin) because my parents garden is overflowing with them, so when I saw my mum on the weekend she handed over another one, and I’d already bought two halves at the markets on Saturday! This was probably one of the best pumpkin soups I’ve ever made. You can view the recipe here.


1 butternut pumpkin, diced
3 medium red potatoes, diced
1 large onion, sliced
4 garlic cloves, chopped in half
3 tomatoes, diced
2 cups frozen corn kernels
2 shallots, chopped (green and white parts)
3 cups chicken stock (vegan)
400ml can of coconut milk
Bunch of sage leaves, chopped roughly
1 tsp dried ground sage
1 tsp dried ground coriander seeds
1 tsp salt

Ready to cook

Ready to cook

(I cooked this in a slow cooker, however it can be done in a large saucepan).

  • Put all the ingredients except the sage, salt and coriander into a slow cooker and let sit for 4-5 hours on simmer. If using a saucepan, let simmer on low-medium for 2 hours (if you cook it too quickly, all the nutrients will cook out)
  • In the last 1/2 hour (if using a slow cooker), or last 5 minutes (for saucepan) add the sage, coriander and salt and stir through.
  • Using a blender, or stickmaster blend until purified. Some chunks make it nice!
Finished and blended

Finished and blended

I served this with Happy Herbivore’s Cajun Spiced Fries and it was delicious!

Served with Cajun Fries

Served with Cajun Fries

I left work at about 3.30pm and headed to the gym (whilst drinking the second smoothie). 2km run, 60 floors on the stepper, 3 km bike ride and then a bit of yoga stretching equals:

Polar ft4

Polar FT4

I picked up this Polar FT4 the other day. My gym’s magazine was giving out 25% off codes. I love it so far, it’s great to know how many calories are being burnt and how long you’ve been going for. Especially for times when you aren’t using the same machine the whole time. You wear a little strap with a heart monitor on it under your bra line and it measures the calories based on your heart rate. The monitor is totally unnoticeable.

Now I’m off to make dinner (Satay stir-fry) and go to bed early, because I’m up at 5.00am again for a PT session at 5.45am.

Feeling good!


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