To market, to market! To buy a fat…carrot?

One of my favourite days of the week is Saturday. Market day! Almost every Saturday we go to the West End Markets to get our fruit and vegetables for the week and catch up with friends for coffee. Today was a beautiful day for it. Sunny, but cool, bright blue sky and not a cloud in sight.

My friends and I started going to the markets early last year? Or perhaps even the year before now. For someone who is following a plant-based diet, a regular visit to a fruit and vegetable market is a must! For one, it’s a lot cheaper! Sam and I spent $21 on produce today. That got us: 6-7 apples, 5 pears, scallions, bag of mushrooms, 4-5 capsicums, large punnet of strawberries, huge bunch of silverbeet/chard, a punnet of cherry tomatoes, 3 red onions, garlic and half a red cabbage. And two, there is such a variety of stalls with a huge variety of produce! At the markets we go to, you can buy organic fruit and veg, normal fruit and veg, fresh honey, fresh dips, lots of amazing breads (walnut and rye is one of our favourites!), nuts, flowers etc.

One of the many things I love about the markets is that I can buy kale cheaply! I can normally get a bunch of kale for about $2, where at the veg shop near the Coles we go to is $6 a bunch (or even more expensive at the health food shop). However, I really must get into the habit of buying the kale on the way IN to the markets, because 80% of the time by the time we have finished our breakfast/coffee/catch-up with friends and are on to the buying of fruit and veg, it’s always gone! Note to self: buy kale when you walk in to the markets.

I like to freeze fruit for my green smoothies, so the markets are a wonderful way to get cheap, bulk fruit for this. Especially when berries are in season! Frozen berries can be extremely expensive from the supermarket. I buy fruit that is on special, cut it up and freeze it in ziplock bags so I can pop them straight in the blender in the mornings. After the markets today, I spent about 5 minutes cutting up and/or bagging some fruit for this weeks smoothies. I have strawberries, bananas and pineapple in the freezer, and silverbeet in the fridge ready to go.


Ready for smoothies!

Almost every morning I am up around 5am either for work or to go to the gym, so being able to quickly make my smoothies is essential. Having everything pre-cut works so well, I can literally just grab a bag of fruit, tip some of it in the blender, blend and go!

It’s still dark most mornings when I get up now, which has been making it so hard to get out of bed and go to the gym before work lately (and I’m way to lazy to go after work). The other detractor is that my blood sugar levels have been low most mornings this week, meaning I have to eat something substantial before working out, which is not what I want at all! Especially at 5.30 in the morning, who wants to eat at that time! I really need to work on my basal rates to try and correct this. This morning I woke up at 4.1, but it felt like at least 3.1 and dropping fast.

Other than the morning hypos, my levels have been pretty great lately. I must admit, some meals lately I haven’t even needed to bolus for which is nice. I’m talking about some meals that are just pure vegetables, like some of my soups and smoothies. It feels good not to be using as much insulin. The less I can use the better!

I really think plant based eating has helped extraordinarily with my diabetes. That, and exercising regularly really helps me! Speaking of exercise, (which we weren’t really), how beautiful is this sunrise? Reward for getting up early on Thursday morning? I think, yes!


Early morning workout


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