Rebooting with Joe

Remember how after I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I said that I wanted to do a juice fast? Yup, we’re finally doing it.

The reason I’ve been so distant this past week is because I’ve been hesitant to talk about the Reboot. I’m not really sure why, I guess I didn’t want to advertise the fact I was rebooting in case I didn’t go through with it!

Well, I’m well and truly going through with it. In fact, we are now almost finished Day Four of 15! We are following the 15 day plan by Joe Cross. The 15 day plan consists of three stages. The first five days are to help you transition into drinking only juice, so each day you are slowly weaning yourself off food. I think it’s been great, I’ve really enjoyed all the food so far.

Day One

I made Sam sit down with me and watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Sunday so we could get in the right head space for the challenge ahead. Sam had never seen the documentary, so it was good for him to see why we were going to embark on this challenge.

The day started off with a fruit bake, followed by a juice, then a salad and sweet potato and carrot fries for lunch, followed by another juice and then dinner was another salad and more fries.


REboot Salad and Chips

I will definitely be using the salad, fries and sauteed silverbeet recipes once this is over. They were delicious!

Sam suffered pretty severe caffeine withdrawals on the first day and so we decided that he could have one black coffee a day for the next couple of days, but other than that we both just felt a little hungry.

Day Two

Day Two began with the fruit bake again, followed by another juice for a morning snack. Lunch was a salad and a raw soup (which I didn’t like!), followed with another juice and then dinner was a Green Detox Soup and a Stuffed Roasted Pumpkin.


I think the pumpkins I was using were probably too big! I definitely couldn’t eat it all. But the soup was amazing, and I will definitely be making it again…and again.

Sam and I both felt pretty headachy and a bit light headed by the evening. Sam was still feeling the caffeine withdrawals a bit, but other than that we we were both feeling pretty good.

Day Three

It was my early start on Day Three, so it was very tight getting all the prep and juicing done before leaving for work. Thankfully, my new juicer arrived on Day Two, so the juicing was made easier (I was previously using my vitamix and then straining it through a nut milk bag). But making four juices and two smoothies in less than half an hour must be some sort of record! I might have to make Sam get up early with me next week.

Day Three started the transition down to liquids with a liquid breakfast. We started with a smoothie, followed by a juice, then a light soup with some sauteed silverbeet for lunch. The afternoon snack was another juice and then dinner was soup and another pumpkin. The pumpkin again was too much, but it tastes pretty good.

Day Four

Day Four and I’m feeling really good. Their was a smoothie for breakfast, juice for morning and afternoon snacks, a soup and salad for lunch and then dinner is going to be another soup.

My head feels a lot clearer already, it’s hard to explain. I just feel clear? Today at work I was in a meeting and we were in discussion about something quite comprehensive to grasp. Sometimes in those types of situations my brain just switches off and refuses to even try to understand what is going on, but not today. I was able to follow the discussion clearly.

I’m not going to lie, it isn’t easy. I am really craving a piece of toast. I want something bready, really bad. And I know how easy it would be to cheat. But at the same time I know that I’m doing this to try and stop the cravings and to break the addiction to bad food.

The prep and actual making of the meals is quite tiresome. On Monday night, I felt like I cooked from the moment I got home to the moment I went to sleep. But hopefully, over the coming days it will get easier with only the one appliance being used and us only drinking juice.

Sam is loving it now, he’s keen to do an additional 30 days! I’m not sure my willpower will last that long, I guess I’ll just see how I go. I’m very apprehensive about the upcoming 10 days of only juice, I really think I’m going to struggle.

My blood sugar levels have been relatively stable the entire time which is nice! In fact, I haven’t needed to bolus for many of the meals at all. The few times I have bolused I’ve actually gone a bit low afterwards. I think I might need to fiddle around with my basal rates, because the last thing I want is to need to try and bring up a hypo!


2 thoughts on “Rebooting with Joe

  1. I definitely found the prep and actual making of the food/juices to be the worst part because it was so time consuming! I’m not a morning person at ALL and having to get up an hour earlier to make everything for the day really took it out of me.

    It looks like you used a butternut squash ( for the stuffed squash, rather than an acorn squash (, which are a bit smaller! That might explain why it seemed like so much food, although it was definitely the most filling of the first week’s meals. And I totally agree that the raw carrot soup was awful! It was the only thing in the first week that I just couldn’t stomach.

    Best of luck with everything! We’re planning to do another reboot sometime soon, so it’s always interesting to see someone else’s experiences.

  2. I’m hoping the prep and the making of juices will become easier now that we are only on juice, and I hope their is less washing up!

    I did look up an acorn squash before buying the butternut, but I’m not sure they sell them around here? Or at least I haven’t seen them.

    I also couldn’t stomach the Shamrock Smoothie, that was a bit gross.

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